A couple of quick curries

Mushroom and Pea curryHere are a couple of the curries I’ve put together using the base I’ve talked about. The first one is a mushroom and pea curry, sometimes called Mattar Mushrooms. I also added some tempeh to make it a little more filling. I didn’t bother to steam or saute the tempeh to reduce it’s bitterness, just cooked it up along with the base. There’s enough other flavors going on for that to work. While the base was cooking down, I quartered the mushrooms and thawed the peas. When the gravy was ready, I tossed the mushrooms in for about five minutes and then added the peas for a couple of minutes. Adjust the seasoning and you’re done!

Tandoori tofuThe other dish is one I can’t decide if I’m proud of the way it turned out or horrified at the way it turned out. If you’ve ever been to an Indian restaurant you’ve probably noticed the unnaturally red chicken they call tandoori chicken. Well, I made tandoori tofu. Now I don’t have a tandoori oven and probably wouldn’t want to put tofu in it anyway so what I did was make a kind of tofu-based yoghurt marinade (with food coloring!) and soak the drained tofu in it. Then I baked the tofu. That all could be done in advance if you wanted. When I went to prepare the curry, I cooked the base down and then added the tofu and some cauliflower I had on hand. It was good, although I probably shouldn’t have added chilies to the marinade and base both. That made it a bit hotter than I really wanted. But the photo doesn’t really do justice to the atomic mutant red color it had. A couple people at work stopped by my desk and asked just what that was. I don’t think any naturally occurring substance has quite that color.

So that’s some of what I’ve come up with. What have you made?