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Please see the update at the bottom of the post.

I don’t do a lot of reviews on this site but every once in a while something comes along that demands mention. TofuXPress is just such a product.

I’m guessing everyone here knows you need to get the water out of tofu before you cook with it. Otherwise you just end up with a slimy, soggy mass. Not good eats!

In the past, the way I’ve accomplished this is with a stack of plates, paper towels and canned goods. As you can probably imagine, that tower of Babel has a number of problems. Falling over, leaking water and not wanting to be moved are just a few of them.

So when I saw an ad for the TofuXpress, I was certainly interested. It’s basically a plastic tub in which the block of tofu sets, a flat plate that presses down on the tofu, the top piece that snaps under the tabs to lock everything in place and a spring. The tub is a solid piece so there’s no chance of any leaks and you can pick up the whole unit and put it in the refrigerator or a back spot on the counter no problem. There’s also a lid that fits over the tub so you can use it for marinating your tofu.

A couple of points that have come up as I’ve used the press. The water that’s extracted from the tofu just sits on top of it. I’ve been pouring it off as I walked by and noticed it. It would be nice if it weren’t still in contact with the tofu but it hasn’t been a big problem in practice and it probably wouldn’t be a simple design change to fix. The other issue is with the spring. It’s quite strong. By which I mean it takes a bit of force to get everything snapped together. And if the tofu isn’t pretty firm or the plate isn’t setting evenly, the tofu can get squashed up around the edges and mangled a bit. There’s a lighter spring available as an accessory and I would definitely recommend getting it. That will also let the press work with homemade or silken tofu.

All in all, I have to give the TofuXpress a big thumbs up. It solves a real problem in the vegan kitchen and does it well.

Disclaimer – I have no relationship with the company and paid full price for my press. The link is directly to the company’s site and is not an affiliate link.

UPDATE: As you can probably gather from the the picture at the left, I’ve run in a small snag with my TofuXpress. The top plate has completely cracked through.

Broken TofuXpress

Broken TofuXpress

I was pressing some shredded vegetables to get the water out of them and I left the press in the sink while I went to answer a phone call. While I was standing there in the kitchen, I heard a loud crack. I looked around, thinking one of the glass bottles had broken and I would need to contain a spill. Instead, when I looked in the sink I found the broken press.

I’ve had the press for a little less than a month and have used it a couple of times a week so it doesn’t seem like it should have worn out yet. I was only pressing about three cups of vegetables (shredded broccoli, carrot and cauliflower) so I don’t think I overloaded the press. I may have just gotten a top plate with a hidden flaw.

I contacted the manufacturers to find out how they wanted to handle this. I got what appears to be a form letter inviting me to send the press back at my expense via their preferred carrier. I think if I’m paying for the shipping I should get to choose the shipper but that’s not the annoying part. The letter also requires me to submit a letter detailing exactly what I doing when the product failed. Then they’ll decide what they’re willing to do about the problem and let me know. I feel I am being accused of abusing the press without evidence of that being present.

So I’ll find some place to box the press up and we’ll see what happens. I’m not ready to withdraw my recommendation just yet (manufacturing flaws do happen) but I’m definitely losing my warm fuzzy feeling.

I’ll post here when I hear back from the company.

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