Top 10 low carb nuts and seeds

I decided to look at what nuts and seeds are lowest in carbs. I’m eating a lot more nuts as a snack these days and I wanted to see which nuts or seeds were lowest in net carbs. All of the values are based on a 100-gram sample, which is actually quite a bit, and come from the USDA nutritional data.

10. Sunflower seeds – 20.0g carbs and 8.6g fiber

9. Pine nuts – 13.1g carbs and 3.7g fiber

8. Almonds – 21.8g carbs and 12.2g fiber

7. Peanuts – 16.1g carbs and 8.5g fiber

6. Coconut – 23.7 carbs and 16.3 fiber

5. Walnuts – 13.7g carbs and 6.7g fiber

4. Macadamia nuts – 13.8g carbs and 8.6g fiber

3. Pumpkin seeds – 10.7g carbs and 6.0g fiber

2. Pecans – 13.9g carbs and 9.6g fiber

1. Sesame seeds – 11.7g carbs and 11.6g fiber

I was actually rather surprised at these results. I would not have figured pecans would rank as highly and almonds as poorly as they did. Of course this doesn’t take into account other nutrients the food might contain. And, if you’re watching your overall caleries, you’ll need to consider the amount of fat. Which, for a number of these, is considerable.

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